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Saturday, 21 February 2015



Pub Chalkboards Pub Chalkboards Pub Chalkboards Pub Chalkboards

Monday, 2 January 2012

Chalkboard Writing and Carvery Illustration

chalk board writer

Carvery Chalkboard Illustrations are one of my favourite topics when doing chalk board writing for clients. It's great to make a feature somewhere around the carvery station, such as these examples provided for Marston's. The round cornered chalkboards are hung on metal hooks to give it a 'Deli' or 'Butchers' kind of asthetic; contributing to the impression of 'freshness' that's vital for carveries!

ShortList Magazine published a full page artwork, commissioned in the style of my Carvery board designs seen around the country! Great to have my work seen by so many - the magazine has a print run of around half a million per issue!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Marston's Specials Boards

specials boards

Marston's approved 'Specials Board' chalkboard writing - super neat spec - developed by Adrian Patrick.

Kept clear and crisp, titles in upper case and description in lower case, all in black and white as per the current spec. I still come across a few houses that are still having their chalkboard writer use 'gold' and white despite the new spec. Please note that 'gold' headers do not read well with the elderly as they can appear too dark. Also, the header ought to be 'underlined' while the price is listed 'below the line' along with the description.

Managing a Marston's Two for One pub and need a professional chalkboard writer? just email with your house no. and location for a quote.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Pub Chalkboards

Always great to find additional locations for chalkboards. Often 'over head' is a great place for them, especially in busy and crowded pubs! This example is a wine list, but made fancy with a bit of illustration. The Chalkboard measured around 4 meters wide!

A member of staff attempted to write a makeshift wine list (shown left), before calling myself in to provide a more professional look (below).

pub chalkboards
Representing quite a challenge at the time as the chalk board is fixed in place, so had to be illustrated from underneath, with my pens etc upside down!